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The right equipment, at the right place, at the right time! all types of air compressor refrigeration and dryer systems

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  • On-site organization
  • Installation
  • On-site maintenance
  • Winterization option
  • Certified and experienced technicians
  • Fast and flexible transport solutions

Pre-owned equipment for sale
Savings - Quality - Reliability - Durability

Entreprises Larry ensures the quality of its products by proceeding to a meticulous inspection of all equipment for certified reliability and durability.

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Rachat d'équipement

Equipment buy-back

Entreprises Larry can buy back the equipment you currently use to run our air system.

Tell us the specific parameters of your equipment and we can at times immediately inform you as to out interest. If, however, an evaluation is necessary, we will coordinate with you a visit from one of our technicians.

Whether your project involves the complete replacement of a system, or an addition to an existing system, we are in a position to offer expert advice promptly. Contact us and we can evaluate all the options to optimize your system.

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