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We identify hidden performance problems

in your compressed air system.

Compressed Air System
Air supply from compressors
Transmission and delivery
Equipment air demand
  • Air Supply and Demand Out of Balance
  • Wasted Energy
  • Downtime Lost Production
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We have the solutions

Measurement and Monitoring Ready for Industry 4.0 / IOT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Air System Evaluation

Identify and quantify opportunities to reduce energy costs and achieve proper air pressure and quality.

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Air System Optimization

We propose solutions in parallel with your business needs and their impacts to improve the performance and reliability of your system.

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Energy Efficiency

Larry Enterprises is a professional partner of Hydro-Quebec for the implementation of more efficient compressed air systems.

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System Performance Monitoring

Our assessment tools use historical evidence and real-time data to identify gaps in operation to improve current performance and better plan for future needs.

Increase System Efficiency

Properly match supply to demand to use air resources more efficiently. Based on your production needs, increase overall productivity by reducing leakage and other system inefficiencies.

Improve Production

Minimize oil, moisture and other contaminants in a system or application to achieve stable, continuous, high-quality air that maintains high production levels.

24% less energy consumed 15 % less air leakage 20% more performance More Info
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