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Air System Evaluation

Flow meters for compressed air

The importance of measuring flow in a compressed air system

Save money, improve efficiency and be worry-free by measuring and monitoring your compressed air. Pneumatic machines wear out. Systems are often oversized, consuming more energy than necessary. With continuous monitoring, you can anticipate problems and ensure that the compressed air system is always available for your business needs.

Compressed air flow meters show you where, when and how much air is being used. You'll know where leaks are and how much waste they cause. Use real data to justify improvement investments and maintenance management and generate energy savings.

VPFlowscope M Flowmeter

This new generation flowmeter is ready for Industry 4.0 / IOT Industrial Internet of Things

Compressed air flow
VPFlowscope M Flowmeter

The ultimate tool for measuring saturated compressed air, even hot air.

It also has a built-in Ethernet (Modbus/TCP) interface, which facilitates direct connection to any network. It can be installed under pressure and simultaneously measures (bidirectionally) thermal mass flow, pressure, temperature and total flow.

Ethernet Interface VPFlowScope M

This differential pressure flow sensor measures the bi-directional flow of pressure, temperature and total flow simultaneously.

Its unique design allows you to make measurements in the discharge pipe of any compressor under 100% saturated conditions.

You can measure the performance or efficiency of your compressor. In addition, you can measure the compressor's contribution to the total compressed air supply.

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