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The expertise gained in the field of compressed air systems remains the key element of our growth. The two divisions launched in 2015 Energy and Natural Gas Heating have created excellent opportunities. In 2019, we are focusing our activities on our primary vocation. The Natural Gas Heating Division have been sold to the partner from its founding. The Energy Division will be merged into Entreprises Larry and services will be maintained.

Leader in compressed air systems, Entreprises Larry continues to grow by accomplishment of many challenges in optimizing the performance of compressed air systems.

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  • 2019 Expansion continues
    • Acquisition of Service Air in Terrebonne
    • Sale of the Entreprises Larry - Natural Gas Heating Division
    • Merger of the Entreprises Larry - Energy Division under the Entreprises Larry banner
  • 2016 New product lines are now available
  • 2015 Two new divisions
    • New division Entreprises Larry Énergie
    • New division Entreprises Larry Chauffage
  • 2014 Acquisition of AIR INDUSTRIEL
  • 2013 Acquisition of Compresseurs Paramec
  • 1963 Foundation of Entreprises Larry

    Entreprises Larry started in 1963 in the industrial sector taking on many challenges where the reliability of the equipment must be matched with the talent and the initiatives of the technicians to satisfy the requirements of the customers.

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