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Our technicians continuously receive training in order to be at the cutting edge of novel technologies and know-how in the industry.

Mobile Service

Our mission is to join business needs and solutions for compressed air that are safe, cost effective, energy efficient and high performance.

Our technicians and engineering service come together to explore all avenues to find the best solutions. More than 30 technicians on the road and in the workshop. We will identify the right equipment to meet your needs in order to improve output, reliability, and reduce operating costs.

  • Air demand analysis
  • Needs assessment and recommendations
  • Sale or rental
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance

"We have repaired or replaced a number of compression systems in a variety of conditions. System optimization is a task we can accomplish successfully because we take into account all possibilities."


Regardless of the brand, our objective is to maintain your equipment or your systems in a determined state so they can provide the expected output in a consistent way, at all times. Also, in the industrial process, the Entreprises Larry prevention maintenance service can, along with your workforce, improve your objectives for reliability, costs, quality, safety and environmental targets.

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