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Tours d'éclairage (Diesel)

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Tours d'éclairage bl2000

The BL2000 balloon light from Doosan Portable Power plugs into any three-prong, 12-volt, 20-amp outlet and immediately provides 2,000 watts of quiet, glare-free light with fewer reflections and shadows. It inflates with ambient air, and its tilting grip head comes with optional mounting devices that let you aim light directly at your work area.


  • Three-section diffusion envelope and internal reflective dome combine to light up a larger area
  • Integrated thermo-switch protects light from power variations and helps control internal temperatures
  • Polycarbonate shroud is impervious to the elements and protects lamps from touching the envelope
  • Suspension-mounted lamp holder provides extra protection in a collision
  • No fuse required
  • Automatic shutoff for high internal temperatures
  • Uses two inexpensive 1,000-watt bulbs for easy replacement
  • Durable carrying bag included
BL2000 Specifications
Diameter - in(m) 43.3 (1.1)
Standard Plug Type 3-prong
Power Draw - amps (volts) 20 (110-130)
Recommended Power Supply - kW-V-A 2.5-120-20
Lamps - watts 2 x 1,000
Lighted Area - sq ft (m2) 15,000 (1393.6)
Operating Height - ft (m) 7-24 (2.1-7.3)
Total Weight - lb (kg) 18 (8.2)
Inflation Time - sec 45
Wind Speed Resistance - mph (km/h) 63 (101.4)

Optional Mounting Devices

  • Pole-mount - 7' to 15' extension mounts to any equipment using locally sourced hardware
  • Truck hitch-mount - 7' to 15' extension mounts directly to a vehicle's receiver hitch
  • Tripod stands - 7' to 19' extension or 7' to 24' extension for stand-alone uses
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