Compressed natural gas - CNG
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Entreprises Larry Energy is currently engaged in the installation of a large CNG refueling station for a company in the field of transport.

Station de ravitaillement

Refueling stations for
Compressed natural gas

Custom designed to meet your needs. Our technicians and our engineering department work together to find all types of solutions. In general, a station is profitable after only a few medium or heavy vehicles (according to the average consumption).

Fed by the underground Gaz Métro gas network.
Continuous Supply.

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Conversion camions gaz naturel

Conversion to natural gas

Fleet - Garbage Trucks
Light vehicles - Road tractors - Bus

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Camion ordure au gaz naturel

Simple technology Garbage trucks powered by natural gas do not need complex diesel particulate filter systems and selective catalytic reduction required to meet the EPA 2010 emission norms.

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Subsidies for fueling stations
In addition to seeing discounts on your energy bill, you may qualify for subsidies when you establish your station.

Subsidies for engines
(Écocamionnage program)

Program to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport of goods on the road (Écocamionnage program).
- Transport Quebec

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