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Nitrogen Generators

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GEN2 i4.0 PSA
Nitrogen gas generators

Nitrogen is used in many commercial and industrial applications to improve the quality of a product or process or as a safety measure to prevent combustion. Liquid or bottled nitrogen delivery and storage can be expensive, unreliable and a safety concern. Nitrogen gas generators allow users to produce nitrogen in-house simply and inexpensively using an existing compressed air system.

nano recognizes the importance of having a safe, reliable and cost-effective supply of high-purity nitrogen. We have developed the GEN2 i4.0 PSA nitrogen gas generator to meet the increasing demand for high quality complete packaged solutions which save energy and time while fulfilling the needs of their intended application. GEN2 i4.0 nitrogen gas generators have a typical ROI payback of less than 24 months.

A few of the many industries making the switch to nano GEN2 i4.0 PSA nitrogen gas generators include:

  • food (MAP)
  • beverage (bottling)
  • plastics (PET)
  • pharmaceutical (product transfer)
  • chemicals (blanketing)
  • laser metal cutting (burring reduction)
  • fire prevention (eliminating combustion)
  • electronics (wave soldering)
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