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Compresseurs à air et systèmes

2020-02-13 | Reading time: 1 min 39 s

3 Points to Design an Efficient Compressor Room

Designing an efficient compressor room requires particular attention to certain factors. Neglecting them could cause premature failure of your equipment.

To complement our previous article on the importance of keeping this room clean, here are three important factors to consider for the design of an efficient compressor room.

Centralize its location
It is important that the compressor room is centralized. The closer it is to the points of use, the more you will save on space and installation costs. You will also improve the energy efficiency of the system by minimizing pressure drops. If this is not possible, to ensure sufficient air volume, provide for adequate diameter of the distribution piping, based not on the size of the connections, but on the maximum speed and the distance between the room and the longest point of use.

Provide sufficient space close to auxiliary equipment
The most often overlooked but so important factor is space. Compression systems need sufficient space to fully function. Read your compressor manual, it should give you important advice about your compressor needs or ask help to our experts, they can advise you adequately. In addition, remember to assemble the auxiliary equipment in one place. This will centralize the noise that each generates. However, it is important to provide enough space between each to avoid overheating and to provide easy access for technicians, so they can properly carry out maintenance if necessary.

Ensure good ventilation of the room
Installing an exhaust fan in the compressor room is a must. Compressors generate a lot of heat, so it is important that it is evacuated and does not flow back into the compressor or other equipment that only needs cold air. Also, why not take the opportunity to recover energy from the compressed air to improve the efficiency of your installations? The heat can be reused in several ways instead of simply being dissipated: manufacturing process, water heating, space and facility heating, etc.

Finally, maintaining an adequate temperature and an environment free of dust and gases (see our previous article on this subject) will also be decisive points to consider.

The design of a compressor room requires thoroughness and consideration of many other factors and details. The help of professionals is an important aspect that should not be overlooked in order to maximize the efficiency of your equipment. Entreprises Larry can help you. Consult our experts to easily design an efficient compressor room.


Source: Entreprises Larry

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