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Compresseurs à air et systèmes

2020-01-23 | Reading time: 2 min

The importance of a clean compressor room

Many people mistakenly believe that an air compressor can be installed anywhere since it is industrial equipment. So it ends up in storage rooms or in inappropriate places that will make the compressor life’s difficult.

The question to ask yourself is: would I install your computer server in the same place as your air compressor? If the answer is no, than it is not an ideal location, and it will be conducive to creating premature problems.

Clean air is essential to maintain a reliable and efficient compressed air system. The compressor is not an industrial equipment like the others: it sucks an enormous quantity of air for the needs of compression and for its cooling. The efficiency of all compressors is greatly influenced by the quality and density of the intake air, they will essentially compress vacuum. This is even more true for those of the positive displacement type (piston, screw, vane compressors, etc.).

To help you have a clean compressor room, here are the 3 main factors to consider:

It is important to replace the compressor intake filter regularly to prolong its service life and to prevent it from reducing the performance of the compressed air system through poor maintenance. Indeed, the excess of dust clogging the filter and accumulating in the air could then exert a significant restriction on the passage of air to the compression unit, thus reducing the density of the air just before it is compressed.

The temperature in the compressor room should therefore be kept as low as possible. Why? This is explained by a basic physical concept: the warmer the air, the more energy the gas molecules present in the air accumulate, the more they distance each other, resulting in less dense air .

In general, an ambient temperature of 10 ° C is well tolerated by compressors. If it is near the freezing point, the viscosity of the compressor oil will become too high and cause problems. To keep the temperature right, all you need is a good ventilation system and a good system for recovering the heat produced by the compressors.

Ambient contaminants
Particles and molecules in ambient air can have a devastating effect on your compressed air system, especially for air compressors. The particles in suspension in the ambient air are sucked by the 2 air circuits of an industrial compressor, the suction circuit for the compression of the air and the suction circuit for the cooling of the system. Suspended particles and gaseous contaminants may contain agents incompatible with your applications, such as:

  • Molecules of CO, carbon monoxide, when breathing air is applied
  • Corrosive gas molecules, which deteriorate screw compressor oils in record time
  • Solid and fine particles, which can clog the air / oil separators of screw compressors (flour, iron, sugar, glass, etc.)

Trouble with your compressor? Our experts will advise you on the solution suited to your needs (chemical filter, external connection, modification of ventilation, etc.). Contact us now.


Source: Magazine MCI

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