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Compresseurs à air et systèmes

2019-11-19 | Reading time: 1 min 34 s

Importance of ASME Codes for Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessel fabrication is not a simple task. Since these vessels are essential for maintaining the pressure of gases and volatile liquids within them, safety is always important because the enormous energy stored inside of pressure vessels can lead to catastrophic accidents, if not handled carefully. Hence, it is mandatory that the quality, operational ability and functionality of these vessels is regulated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

ASME codes were developed in 1900 as a number of industrial facilities and factories faced catastrophic accidents due to inconsistent and faulty fabrication of pressure vessels. They enlisted essential rules, regulations and guidelines that provide a direction to all the pressure vessel fabricators. According to these codes, all pressure vessels must be fabricated by following the enlisted regulations and guidelines to ensure accuracy, safety and protection in the usage and reading of the vessel.

These specific rules and guidelines ensure that manufacturing of pressure vessels meets the industry standards. This means that the vessel that does not meet the ASME standards is not legal for use. ASME code doesn’t just indicate the accuracy, performance and efficiency of pressure vessels, it also ensures that during production of pressure vessels in industries, high level of caution and safety is followed to protect the workers from any kind of dangerous situation.

Pressure vessel fabricators are not only required to follow the guidelines of ASME, but they must also comply with regulations that pertain to the regular inspections of the pressure vessels as it can help in avoiding accidents because of an unidentified fault. If a manufacturer fails to follow the ASME code, the pressure vessels will not be ASME certified and their use will be considered illegal.

It is the responsibility of manufactures to ensure that the pressure vessels aid in storing elements for better productivity, rather than lead to loss of property and life as a result of malfunction. By following ASME code, manufacturers can make sure that their pressure vessels meet the recommended standards and are safe for use in all types of settings.

At Entreprises Larry, we realize the importance of ASME standards. Therefore, we have all the necessary certifications to design, manufacture, install and maintain your pressure vessels. To ensure the compliance of your equipment, consult our experts now.


Source: Buckeye Fabricating

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