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2019-09-16 | Reading time: 1 min 37 s

Pressure Loss: 6 Elements that Increase Energy Costs

Compressed air represents about 10% of the total electricity consumption in the industry. An excessive pressure loss has a significant impact on a company’s compressed air budget. There are high returns for companies that invest in a system maintenance program. This type of investment allows for significant savings.

Here are 6 elements that increase energy costs:

1) Overuse of the Compressor
When there is excessive pressure loss in the system, the compressor runs for a longer time to maintain enough operating air pressure. The compressor is overused. Electricity costs generally increase by 1% for every 2 additional PSI maintained in the system. This greatly increases energy costs.

2) Compressor Maintenance
The compressor is subjected to premature wear as it works harder, over a longer period, to maintain the operating pressure required by the system. It wears out far more quickly than it should, requiring extra maintenance.

3) The Replacement of Tools and Pneumatic Equipment
Air tools and pneumatic equipment are subject to an initial pressure that is higher than the one recommended by the manufacturer. This causes them to wear out sooner and break faster, than replacement is required on a regular basis.

4) Air Leaks
Increasing pressure to compensate for pressure loss allows more air to leak from the same leak points. The additional air produced is lost before it’s even used. Leaks usually appear as a multitude of small holes, and unfortunately none of them are noticeable enough to attract attention. Although each leak is minor, the accumulation may be seriously critical. Leaks contribute directly to higher operating costs. It is like throwing money right out the window.

5) Production and Quality of Finished Products Problems
Due to the lack of air pressure generated by leaks, air tools and equipment cannot function properly, and this creates production problems or issues regarding the quality of finished products. The rejection rate is higher; the work must start over again.

6) Decrease in the Productivity of the Workforce
Users waste time mitigating the shortcomings of tools that have become inefficient due to pressure loss. This slows down their own productivity and increases labor costs.

Entreprises Larry offers an air audit service that allows our qualified engineers to perform a rigorous analysis of your pressure vessels. For more information on a system optimization program, contact ours experts now.

For the complete article, click here.


Source: Topring

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